Let’s play minecraft

A screenshot of Bill's farm in Minecraft

I won’t be able to leave my apartment during recovery for at least three months. Normally, folks would be able to come and visit, but a lot of y'all live outside of New York City. Or there are multiple raging pandemics and indoor hangs are outside of your risk budget. All of that can be pretty isolating.

So my friend Bill set up a modded Minecraft server for us to play together! If you’re worried about never playing Minecraft before or never installed mods before, that’s okay—I’ve never played before either, so we can totally figure out how to be bad at this game together!

I have another post coming about this, but one thing I love about all y'all is how many different amazing people and communities I’ve become a part of, I’ve always wanted chances to bring people together to bump and do creative shit together, maybe this can be a catalyst. And in good ole’ OpenNews/SRCCON tradition, if you have kids who wanna play, they are welcome to join, too!

If you’re interested, DM Bill on Twitter, or me anywhere you know me and we can send you instructions!

Let’s go build another world together?

Technical shit #

You gotta have the Java edition which works on Mac and PC but not with the console editions—if you can’t afford to buy a copy, let either of us know. We have some budget and don’t want that to be the the thing keeps you from joining 💞


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